TRIPLANEVeritek has been “3D printing” for over 27 years.   There are several 3D printing technologies available, each with pros and cons.  Our team of experts can help you to select the type of 3D printing that will give you the best results. You can read more in our on-line library, the free Practical Inventor’s Starter Kit, or more extensively in The Practical Inventor book.

Make your 3D printed part look better

Many times after your product is 3D printed, there is a need for a better finish and precision dimensions. Veritek provides post production polishing, finishing, and precision machining to give you the best results.

Let us produce your 3D printed part; we use the latest 3D printing equipment with the best technology available today. You can send us your computer 3D model files and we can print it for you or we can do both. Using 3D printers is by far one of the fastest and cost effective methods to get a working prototype to get to the market faster. It also is one of the fastest ways to get a working prototype to get to the market allowing you to identify errors much faster. You can now have a fully functional prototype in hours not days! Utilizing these advanced machines gives you superior quality prototypes for a fraction of the price! Let the computer do the printing and eliminate human error. You can now print some of the most amazing and complex parts that once were not possible.

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Take the next step with your idea. From now until Thanksgiving get your free 30min consultation with one of the very few inventing experts in the US with over 27 years’ experience; that’s right! ABSOLUTELY FREE! ($150 Value) Slots are limited and fill up quickly! Take the first step towards making your idea a reality. Send us a message using the form at the bottom of this page.


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