Veritek Process

GEN1The Veritek Process is an advanced Nano-Technology process invented by Jim Wilkinson based on discoveries he made in the late 1980s. Since then, we have developed process equipment and generated successful results on different applications with 3rd party test data to verify our results.

Our second generation prototype is complete and we are starting beta production testing with black sands and other mined ores for metals extraction applications.

Clean Coal

CTO_awardIn 2011 our Coal processing division won the CleanTech Open top company award for the Rocky Mountain Region. The CleanTech open is a National competition of clean technology companies. Awards are based on strength of the company and technology as well as “investability”.


The minerals division is currently in a beta launch phase for concentration and extraction of metals from mined ores.

Our capabilities internally include:

  • microscopic inspection
  • X-ray Flourescent analysis
  • Chemical digestion and extraction
  • Fire Assay
  • Advanced gravity separation technology
  • Nano-Technology concentration and liberation of metals from complex matrices

Note: We are not a certified analytical laboratory.